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White Crow and Other Poems

Awang Abrilian

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I saw you in a room
Full of geniuses and blooms
Find a bunch of distinctions
But my love, keep it hidden

I’m in red, you are straight
You’re happy, I frustrate
I hold beads, you hold a cross
Our love is star-crossed

white crow

My June is frozen like winter
As cold as you in the last summer
I’m not a witch nor an augur
Just a pessimist,
dressed like a coiner

My heart is burning like a flambeau
I pictured it in a fresco
Where the night will make it aglow
In the dark
I’ll build a landmark
On your neck
Or like a horse which bareback
I’ll be a hostage on your hijack

It’s all just a dream
I know
I bury it in my chateau

Why don’t my roses ever grow?
Why do my white doves sound like crows?
Every breath I breathed in the nightmare
I wore a fancy skirt, made from my despair


Your messy hair and shiny glasses
Take me somewhere, leave me speechless
Brown jacket, innocent eye
You bind my soul with a green tie

Ruin my sleep by dancing in my dreams
But you light it up like a moonbeam
You’re a charmer with a walk straight
She’s your lover, and we’re a schoolmates

isn’t it lovely?

I’m stoned
Skin and bones
The first time
You played me saxophone
These feelings are so diverse
It’s dangerous
I thought I was crazy
But it’s just your thick eyebrows
That bewitch me

Found you,
Is the thing I hate the most
But growing up with you,
Is the thing that I’m crazy about

beautiful crime

Talk shits about me
It’s like you see
Everything I do
And know all of the truth

But even the perfect rose
Always has its thorns
And those royals
Will end with betrayal

A kid with dark old days
Gets upset and out of control
Take revenge, kill with disgrace
He got back, his stolen soul


Editor: Moch Aldy MA

Awang Abrilian
Awang Abrilian anak sma, suka berandai, menulis, dan ngomong sendiri.

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