Redaksi Omong-Omong

Wanderer Above the Sea of Hope

Moch Aldy MA

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Rhyme at 2 AM

I was skeptical—
before the big bang,
god filled the human heart
with void …

sounds pathetic, huh?
thus, after all of this shit—
o goddammit,
one must dare to live,
not try to avoid it;

albeit they had
more courage
to take one’s life,
than to resist the voidable
—from being born
& get torn by forlorn.


Slaves of Certainty

frankly, human consciousness
is a heavy burden.
that’s why some of us—
consciously, choose uncosciousness
& be a junkie: religion, philosophy,
ideology, political party,
or other shit to retreat
from the bitterness of reality—
such a coward, who can’t live forward
to shone the darkside of time—
in the face of presently.

: o life! are humans
the closest metaphor
for the most pathetic slaves
of certainty—on the dead planet
who enclose uncertainty?


Gravestone Reverie

one must live to life. to strive. to defy that existence precedes essence—isn’t a human first problem. in spite of being in vain. to paint the pain. one must redeem the condemned. come after godot in Beckett’s head. despite—if the cost while struggling was loss of meaning, & disconsolate. while too late to solace those goddamn gods;

perhaps, first human problem—feel endless agony on the death bed—without knowing what the fuck is going on & when being buried.


Thought of the Night

“what comes first,
essence or existence?”

an endless howl of abyss
on humans heart—who can’t
create the meaning
of his meaningless life.


On Success

success was the lump of nickel I saw sinking at the bottom of the clear gutter—reflecting the light of the late afternoon sun. it represents nothing at all, except as a sign of something that has long been revered, worshiped, but had been lost, drowned, and forgotten.

in relation to the object as a work of art, the nickel lump has been transformed in such a way with carvings, into currency: a hot object that regulates the exchange of value in the eyes of modern society—& divinity.


Omnipotence Paradox

if god is almighty,
can he/she create a
stone that can make
sisyphus happy?


Wanderer Above the Sea of Hope



Moch Aldy MA
Moch Aldy MA Redaksi Omong-Omong

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