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Jogging in Losari and Other Poems

Faizal Bochari

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Jogging in Losari

Running to the past
to outrun the present
I passed Losari and history
Where buildings and pride
blind the city

Now the sun is unknown to folks
Fish migrate to history books
Fisherman sink their boats and boots
With them, dreams sunk along
with the sun set
By the tyrannical master of puppet
Under the flesh and blood
of the people, arrogantly they sat


Demonstrator’s Lullaby

Stabbing a heart with a knife
Made of strife between dream and life
We wake up and choose violence
The cop said “you have the right to remain silence”
Country locks us up in prison
As if what we are doing is a treason
We might be a fool
For believing in might be
But we will never be a tool
For our mind will always be free


Mending the Impossible

I will take the last remain
Of what is left unspoken
No matter how we mend the broken
To fall apart, we have chosen

Long before we decided
We know everything is already ended
To try again is no longer option
Love is no longer in our system

At least now we could see the beauty
Of being alone truly
Because after June left sadly
I still miss you badly


Going Through the Twilight

Loneliness has been visiting often
Knocking my soul till it’s broken
Want to leave through the backdoor
My mind trap here forever

Empty space is growing fast
Will the i forever last
I have long for desire to kill
This despair is standing still

If i ever leave and see tomorrow
Leave myself and all the sorrow
And when i close my eyes
Will it happiness for me at least


Must Go

Today mom made you pieces of her heart
hearts that you can chew apart
She hopes hugs and kisses on your forehead
Land you far away sheltered

Every time you broke your heart, eat one that she tear apart
Every time you run, remember to be the wisest one
World will often turn their back
But mom’s back is so wide and her hugs is the home we can go back

Life will always make reasons to left
But in any part of this world, the smell of mom’s fried fish can always be smelt

Faizal Bochari
Faizal Bochari Sedang mencoba menjadi guru tanpa menggurui. Berbicara lebih banyak di

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