anak sma, suka berandai, menulis, dan ngomong sendiri.

I Was Born and Other Poems

Awang Abrilian

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I Was Born

I drown in a blue volcano
Try to grasp the word of God
A command He gave
When the sky was dark as slate
When the moon locked the sods up
When my mother, wept on the holy altar
Gave birth to me

I grieve my heart out
Glance up at the cloud
Discern it’ll never have the silver
When their floating sheet of water
As bright as amber

But I was born from a Greek goddess of war
Who melts and burns like Agni from India
My soul is burning, roaring, echoing like Lorde
It connected, united, rose, like a claustra

Separate myself, cleft asunder
Honey and poison, the left better
Full of diamond, sunken bunker
Where to go, somber ether


Has been shaped in my breath your name
Glorified the letters with fumes and flame
Crowned with the name of a presence from Cana
Amusing, charismatic, Ariana

I floated
My name was a well of respite
Came out of your tongue
Free the clumps of madness, I unstrung:
“Take me to your lighthouse, drag my feet!”

Crave this feeling to be broken
But we’re trapped in one prison
A celestial hell without curtains

“If this train couldn’t be stopped,
Is there still a little space in your
crisp heart?”

Cleft Asunder

Crimson overcoat
Diaphanous mouser
A tiresome frozen afternoon
Some liars spouted the truth

Girls tossed their hair pleasingly
Boys propped their chins with concrete pillar
We sat in the same room
But lived in the different universe

My sunrise radiated a crowd of gloom
Grew carnation seeds to curse
I slashed thousands of seeds with a sword
As a proof of devotion to my Lord

Summer of Gawk

Plumeria and decayed regime
I’ve never felt this depressed
at my seventeen
August is screaming like a daydream
Leave the July who’s awfully mean

Club has opened
But I harvest
A sack of burden
Set in motion
Champagne problems

Wednesday twilight
I struggled with graphite
Poured ashes to dust
Shaking legs crossed
Called you ‘cause I lost
I sued you for the sun goes down

Days of fun have faded
Old graves become crowded
Calculate and courage
American lone bridge

Everybody Goes

Sadness wet every inch of my bed
Reminds me of the nearness of death
That brings peace more than life had
Which instead creates millions of stalemate

I rewrite creed and hope
With indelible ink of gold
Life was so overrated
Death was so underrated

Sadness feeds me words
Made of heavenly holy fire
So I’m not guttered
When whipped by hell wire

My body has been crushed
My soul has been burned
Oiled by a handful of demons
Whose resemble humans

Everybody goes
Everybody goes
Life goes on
Sadness remains


Editor: Moch Aldy MA

Awang Abrilian
Awang Abrilian anak sma, suka berandai, menulis, dan ngomong sendiri.

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