I See You as Colors and Other Poems

Indah Maulida

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I’m the Colors

I’m the colors
for every extraordinary
things in this hefty world

I’m the primary color for all of what I do
Red can be my braveness yet my reckless
Blue can be my freedom yet my lonesome
Yellow can be my optimism yet my egoism

I’m the secondary color for all of what I don’t do
Don’t be too warm to others
like an orange sunset that is eaten by the darkness
just because humans need to rest
Don’t be too kind to others
like a green tree that is cut by the chainsaw
just because humans need to use it
Don’t be too pretty to others
like a violet flower that is picked by the stealer
just because humans need to adore it.

I’m tertiary color for the crushed and mixed emotions
Turquoise is a survivor who can be free
Lavender is a human being who can say no
Vermilion is courage who cares for whom need
Magenta is confidence who knows her worth
Amber is hopefulness who keeps safe inside
Chartreuse is strength who is well protected.

I’m the colors
for every extraordinary
things in this hefty world.


Blue is the color of the sea
Blue is the color of the sky
Blue is the serenity-loyalty

I love bright clothes.
I love sunny skies.
I love brilliant ideas.

Melancholy is blue.
Gloomy is blue.
Sorrowful is blue.

I’ve shown you my blue side.
Every day I quarrel with it,
try not to lose myself.


Red Light, Green Light

I see the red light
reflected in windshield
and car flashing in sight
left a reddish flash behind

Some can’t wait and honk
for the green light
but I appreciate its presence
for letting me go back to the past
reminiscing good times, bad times

I took my life for granted
my plans, my choices, my decisions
I lived my life carelessly and soon I realized,
I could be so much better than this

I sigh, the light has changed to green
I need to continue and move on
no matter what happens
remorse can’t replace past action.

I See You as Colors

You are a golden to my hour
You are a blue to my value
You are a red that erases my dread
You are a violet under sky’s ultraviolet
You are the sweetest orange in this life’s defiance.


Editor: Moch Aldy MA

Indah Maulida

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