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A Lesson in the Alphabet: Seven Poems

Moch Aldy MA

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A Lesson in the Alphabet


did i miss something?
i think i don’t miss anything.

o i miss you, but
that is impromptu.

& unplanned.


Lose One’s Nerves

when i lose my mind,
i lose nothing.
when i lose my soul,
i lose something.
when i lose you—
what the hell am i doing?
i fuckin’ lose everything.

o please, i can fuck losing
everything but not you—o
not you. alas! i can’t lose you.


Twas Always Thus & Always Thus will Be

twas true love only hails from the mess of you. like messing up your unawareness—thus now you are aware that fake love mostly hails from the best of you; whereas, all the time you try to be the best to find out where true love hails from.

but what if the point of love affair, maybe hails from the middle of nowhere—an awareness and formulation which will always be unawares & formless?


Love is Love

it doesn’t matter whether race disconnected us, religion separates us, politics divides us, language bordered us, or wealth obstructs us.

at the end of the day—love only says it’s evening and i love you without any reason; because love can’t be imprisoned in a man-made conception.


Odes to u(rsa maryana royani)

i said i love artworks by michaelangelo, botticelli, leonardo, kandinsky, picasso, & dalí. but, if we were in an art gallery, i’d love to waste my time staring at u. & stand still staring at u—its u, o u, only u, its me, o me—i’m going nuts, o frankly; u are the pureblood work of art.



perhaps, there is always a reason behind all madness; except in the homesickness and love of a man who’s already been mad for a woman.

perhaps that’s why there is no stronger creature than a woman; for there is nothing more mad and frail than a man who is under spell by a woman.

perhaps that’s why madman only refers to a man. perhaps that’s why i’m still a madman who is under your spell. perhaps that’s why there is no other love, it’s only you; never sound too insane.


My Dear, How Long is Longing?

sure, nobody can precisely measure how long is forever. never. some people may say, forever is forevermore. furthermore, and more. evermore. more and more.

the others say, sometimes, forever may be just one second. brief like a temporary grief, like a seasonal fever, like the bright of the sunrise, as the moon at darkest night, or such as love at first sight.

how long is forever? in reality, it doesn’t even matter, ever since one realizes that everyone is silent when being asked: how long is longing?

one must dare to ask and answer how long is longing. because no one knows how ugly the unforeseen sorrow when somebody suddenly says:

“someday in someplace, somehow, someone will try to stance then say something bad about the distance-time between first hi & the last goodbye.”


Moch Aldy MA
Moch Aldy MA Redaksi Omong-Omong

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